Documents and pictures relating to Samuel Boyd,
                            Susannah Ashley, and their descendants:

    Copies of original documents:

    Samuel Boyd died in 1830. The following jpeg files are scans of
    handwritten estate inventory and related court filings. They are
    taken from therma-fax (white-on-black) copies and will need to
    be inverted and cleaned up for best viewing.

    Samuel Boyd 1
    Samuel Boyd 3
    Samuel Boyd 4
    Samuel Boyd 5
    Samuel Boyd 6
    Samuel Boyd 7
    Samuel Boyd 8

    Robert Talbot Boyd (1816-1879) was the youngest child and
    second son of Samuel Boyd and Susannah Ashley. In 1833 he
    was made a ward of his brother, James W. Boyd (1807-1884).
    In 1851 he married Mary Emily Dunham (1830-1917). They
    were divorced in 1876.

    Robert T. Boyd - guardianship letter from Telfair County,
    Georgia court to James Boyd (1833)
    Robert T. Boyd and Mary Emily Dunham's marriage license,
    Putnam County, Florida (1851)
    Robert T. Boyd - steamship license for the St. Johns River,
    Florida (1878)
    Robert T. Boyd's heirs - letter to James Boyd (1883)

    "Mary Emily Boyd's Finest Day's Work" - I wrote this article
    for a book, The Heritage of Putnam County, Florida (Putnam
    County Historical Society, forthcoming). Robert T. Boyd's wife,
    Mary Emily, achieved local fame during the Civil War by
    thwarting an attack on her town of Palatka, Florida, by a Union
    gunboat. This account of the incident is taken from her memoir
    and from U.S. Navy ship logs and records.

    George Stanislaus Boyd (1856-1940) was the third child (and
    third son) of Robert T. Boyd and Mary Emily Dunham, and the
    first of their eight children to survive to adulthood.

    George S. Boyd's baptism certificate (1856)

    Typed transcripts of documents and audio files:

    Williams letters (1810-1816) - This series of transcribed letters
    was provided to me by Jane Ashley Benson, an Ashley researcher
    who got them from a linguistics graduate student studying
    regional (post-Colonial Carolina) speech patterns. The letters
    are chiefly between Sarah G. Williams and Abner Williams, two
    cousins of Susannah Ashley Boyd, or between them and their
    mother, Hannah Williams. The eighth letter is from Elizabeth
    W. Ashley, Susannah Boyd's sister, to Sarah Williams. The sixth
    and eighth letters are of special interest, as they contain pointed
    references to the family of Samuel and Susannah Boyd.

    Williams letter 1
    Williams letter 2
    Williams letter 3
    Williams letter 4
    Williams letter 5
    Williams letter 6
    Williams letter 7
    Williams letter 8

    George Earl Boyd Sr. (1899-1996) was the third of eight children
    and the first son born to George Stanislaus Boyd and Mary
    Hautense Moseley (1874-1951). George S. Boyd also had three
    children by his first wife, Mary Elizabeth Goldsby (birth and
    death dates unknown). A fourth child from that marriage died
    at birth.

    George Earl Boyd Sr. interviews (ca. 1993) - The following Word
    document files are transcripts of audiotaped interviews of Earl
    Boyd describing his life in Honduras, New Orleans, and
    elsewhere. The interviewers are his children Robert (BB),
    Madelyn (MB), and Sylvia (SB); Robert's wife, Hazel Neeld
    Boyd (HB); and Leonard Brown (LB), the husband of Earl Boyd's
    youngest sister. The tapes were transcribed by my mother, Grace
    McElvy (Boyd) Whitecar, Earl's former daughter-in-law.

    Earl Boyd transcript 1
    Earl Boyd transcript 2
    Earl Boyd transcript 3

    Portraits and photos:

    Jane Ashley Boyd (1809-1894), second child of Samuel Boyd
    and Susannah Ashley
    Charles Irby Shelton (1787-1871), husband of Jane Boyd
    Dr. Augustus Monroe Boyd (183x-18xx), first child of James
    W. Boyd and Mary Ann Monroe (1811-1885)
    Julius Warren Boyd (1834-1930), second child of James Boyd
    and Mary Ann Monroe

    These tintypes were in a box of undocumented photos that
    belonged to George Earl Boyd's sister Hortense Boyd Brown.
    Does anyone recognize them?

    Unknown female
    Unknown male

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