MEDUSA’S DAUGHTER (2007) is a suspense novel with a sense of humor. If you like tales of exotic
    places, dark secrets, bumbling bad guys, strong women, and the occasional psychic first-grader, you
    might want to give it a try. Here's the dust jacket's description:

    Holly MacLaren is no stranger to risk and responsibility. An ex-Navy fighter pilot, she once lived in a world of
    catapult shots, night traps, and flaming afterburners. Now she’s a single parent, divorced from a country music
    star and flying for Honolulu-based Mahalo Air Lines. Holly loves her work and is good at it. So when she starts
    having panic attacks, she’s at a loss to know why, or how to make them stop.

    Skye MacLaren sees things other six-year-olds don’t, though she can’t
    decipher much of it. The gift gives her a hazy awareness of her mother’s
    problem. Soon it will make her a reluctant witness to worse things that lie
    over the horizon.

    A panic-induced car crash puts Holly’s flying on hold. While she waits
    for her physical injuries to heal, she turns to a psychiatrist, Dr. Patrick H.
    Katayama III, to help her learn the cause of the strange attacks.

    Regressive hypnotherapy reveals a number of past lives, each ending in
    tragedy.  In her last incarnation she was Ensign Robert Dean Strawn, the
    victim of an unsolved murder aboard the USS Arizona. The crime took
    place the night of December 6, 1941.

    Several weeks after this revelation, Holly’s therapist vanishes, and signs point to another homicide. Then she
    finds herself stalked by J. D. Strawn, a wealthy U. S. Senate candidate and son of an old admiral—a World
    War II legend named “Bull’s-eye Bobby” Strawn!

    It takes teamwork for Holly to fully grasp the situation. With the aid of her boyfriend Daniel Haleakala, her
    daughter’s cryptic visions, and a hint from Maude Worthington, a 300-year-old London prostitute-turned-spirit
    guide, she begins to sort things out. As she and Skye struggle first to understand Strawn’s threat and then to face
    it down, their efforts take them on a spiritual journey—and a search for the truth behind one man’s heroism at
    Pearl Harbor.

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