In addition to genealogical research pieces, I write or have written everything from country
    music to academic journal articles (Corporate Finance) to short stories to novels. Okay,
    and a few dirty limericks. Here's a sample (not the limericks!):

    Academic Articles
    I wasn't exactly a publishing machine during my college teaching career, as I had a hard time
    taking financial research seriously. One piece I'm especially proud of, though, was a little two-
    page note published in Financial Practice and Education (Fall 1993). "How to Use Financial
    Arithmetic to Simplify and Explain Almost Anything"  takes a poke at overly mathematical
    journal articles. It combines some well-known finance equations in such a way as to "prove"
    that one plus one equals two.

    Short Stories
    "A Man of Few Words" is a dark tale written entirely in words of one syllable. It won second
    place in a writing exercise contest run by Susan Breen, a fiction teacher at the Gotham Writers'
    Workshop in Manhattan.

    Two, so far. Both paranormal suspense/women's fiction, both unpublished. I'm currently
    working on a third, this time in the teen/YA genre. The second book's worth reading, and to
    that end, though I'm still shopping it around, I've set it up as a private POD printing (i.e., no
    isbn and no distribution) at To learn more about Medusa's Daughter, go here. To
    read the first few chapters, go here.

    Two of my all-time favorite country tunes are "Your Wife's Been Cheating on Us Again" and
    "Honey, Don't Pay the Ransom--I've Escaped." Unfortunately I didn't write them. I did write
    this one, though. And this one, this one, this one, and this one. They're all from my double-
    aluminum album entitled, Two Dozen Mike Boyd Fans Can't Be Wrong! I also recorded a nice
    cover of Kris Kristofferson's "Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again)," singing
    both the lead and background vocals. What fun! Check it out here.

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